Jean Carr | Co-Founder, SCJ Alliance

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For someone who doesn’t know how to juggle, Jean Carr does it quite well.  While she can’t juggle tangible objects, she is a master at juggling the challenges of leadership in a growing firm, staying engaged in community organizations, and raising two active teenage boys.  She does all this while keeping her cool (usually) and maintaining a happy demeanor.

Building a top-notch company culture to match the top-notch project performance and financial portfolio of SCJ Alliance is Jean’s passion. Balancing financial growth and stability with generous employee benefits and recognition programs takes both technical and soft skills.  Jean brings both to everything she does.  As a planner by training she always keeps her eye on the horizon while taking care of the day to day issues that arise at SCJ.  Jean was recognized as a Woman of Influence by the Business Examiner Media Group for her Positivity, Passion and Energy.  She has initiated many innovative programs to reinforce SCJ’s unique and acclaimed company culture.

Jean manages SCJ’s Human Resources Group, IT Group and Marketing Group in addition to ongoing participation on key projects.  This experience provides Jean unique insights into interconnections between company growth, culture and external messaging.  Jean strives to bring humor, honesty, enthusiasm, kindness and magic into all her interactions.  And it shows.

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