Dawson Fercho | CTA Co-Founder

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Dawson Fercho is Vice President of Business Development and Co-founder of Corporate Tax Advisors, Inc., based in our Kansas City office. He brings over 20 year of consulting experience, 15 years exclusively focused on the Federal Research & Development Tax Credit and the 179D Deduction since inception, working with the accounting industry and small to mid-size manufacturing, technology, engineering, architecture and construction clients. In his current role for Corporate Tax Advisors, Dawson is responsible for all areas of CTA’s marketing and business development.

Dawson is also IRS Special Enrolled Agent, giving authority to practice before the Internal Revenue Service in all our nation’s tax arenas including the Research Tax Credit. Prior to CTA, Dawson held numerous senior level management roles with some of the largest technology and communication firms in the country.

In today’s hyper-competitive A/E business climate, you need every edge that you can get to boost your firm’s after-tax profits.  Beyond the usual ways to increase revenue and contain operating expenses, did you know that there is a little-used research and development (R&D) tax credit that you can use to decrease your A/E/C firm’s federal and state income tax obligations?

But did you also know that it was just recently legislated PERMANENT? Did you also know this incentive can now be used to off-set the dread Alternative Minimum Tax?

This credit is open to a majority of tax entity structures including C-Corporations and Pass-Through entities such as S-Corporations, LLCs, Sole Proprietors and Partnerships.  If you are a U.S. Company and make products and/or services on U.S. soil then there has to be a credit available to you; the only question to answer now is “what is the size of your benefit?”

This Zweig break-out educational session will provide you with the latest insight on the R&D tax credit that is designed to reduce the high cost of innovation in the United States. Unfortunately, too many A/E/C firm leaders mistakenly believe that this valuable tax credit does not apply to them.

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