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Delrae Bennett – Vision Whisperer Transforming Firms

Delrae Bennett has guided 100s of architectural and engineering businesses build and strengthen their ERP system, mainly within Deltek Vision. Working coast to coast in AEC firms, she’s been fortunate to learn from the best CFOs as they need client and profitability data to transform their business. Bennett’s ability to communicate across all functions from IT technical lingo to Accounting financial indicators has put her in front of large and small firms who want that translation quickly for faster implementation of new improvements. As firms grow, this need for better coordination is readily evident as they move into a Multi Company and Multi Currency environment. A merger and acquisitions expert, Delrae has helped merge over 50 some companies in a logical, easy-to-understand manner.
Her ability to effectively communicate IT, Accounting, Financial Metrics, Forecasting and Project Management to everyone in the firm, sets her apart. She is the pivot point or liaison to translate and create a successful process. Building a long-term rapport with clients,  Delrae’s clients appreciate her ability to execute as well as develop award winning solutions, and then roll out the changes to their staff in a simple, effective manner.
Technology and data has been a part of her life since the beginning of her career as an electrical engineer. Since then, she has accumulated certifications and the business acumen from great CFOs across the country. Learning and sharing these pearls of insight, she has given her clients a better understanding of their business’ bigger picture and has been give the name ‘the vision whisperer’.
If you’re looking for an expert to assist with any data organization, implementation, corporate performance management and/or customer relationship management, contact me at to begin the process.

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