Zweig Group’s Marketing Excellence Award recognizes outstanding and effective marketing in our industry. There are 8 Categories: Holiday, Social Media, Website, Special Event, Integrated, Internal, External, and Proposal Presentation.

To enter, firms had to submit the marketing piece they used in the category they were competing in. If they were not able to submit the actual piece, they submitted a document that explained the marketing piece, what the goals were, and what the results were. The volume of entries we received shattered all records from previous years! Our judging panel spent many hours deliberating over the numerous entries we received and the competition was intense!

Winners will receive awards at The 2017 Hot Firm and A/E Industry Awards Conference and be featured in Zweig Group’s weekly management newsletter, The Zweig Letter, Zweig Group press releases, and promoted through Zweig Group’s other marketing channels. Below, you will find the Top 5 winners in each category.



  1. DAVIS Construction
  2. Big Red Dog
  3. EAPC Architects Engineers
  4. HFA
  5. McAdams

Special Event

  1. BHC Rhodes
  2. Huckabee
  3. Hickok Cole Architects
  4. DAVIS Construction
  5. GLMV Architecture Inc

Social Media

  1. Westwood Professional Services
  2. HFA
  3. Big Red Dog
  4. SmithGroupJJR
  5. LJA

Proposal Presentation

  1. WGI
  2. McClure Engineering Co
  3. Affinis Corp
  4. ISG
  5. Caldwell Associates Architects

Internal Marketing

  1. Pond and Co
  2. Maser Consulting
  3. SCJ Alliance
  4. Michaels Energy
  5. P2S Engineering

Integrated Marketing

  1. WGI
  2. HFA
  3. Hickok Cole Architects
  4. BKF Engineers
  5. Westwood Professional Services


  1. EAPC Architects Engineers
  2. Michaels Energy
  3. Westwood Professional Services
  4. FX Fowle Architects
  5. Wetlands Studies & Solutions

External Newsletter

  1. LJA
  2. Pond and Co
  3. P2S Engineering
  4. Michaels Energy
  5. Big Red Dog


Zweig Group will not, under any circumstances, disclose the names of firms that apply but do not make the list of winners. Zweig Group also understands the confidential nature of receiving financial information from participating firms and will not, under any circumstances, disclose specific confidential information. Data gathered will be presented in an aggregate format only.

All survey data will be made available to publication editors for the purposes of editorial coverage. Additionally, all judges sign a confidentiality agreement since they will be privy to detailed information about participating firms.